Meet the Team

Name: Rianna Loving

Title: Founder

Sign: Virgo

Favorite drink: Iced hibiscus tea

Coffee or Tea: Coffee AND tea

Go to Food: Greek salad

Motto: “It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done.”

Fave Coco oil: Ginger COCO OIL

Name: Athena

Title: Social Marketing Director

Sign: Gemini 

Favorite drink: Green smoothie; organic red wine

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Go to Food: “Mushbowl” (veggies and rice and other goodies)

Motto: “When you are present, you are free”

Fave Coco oil: Rose, but right now Lemon, its so fresh!

Name: Gina 

Title: Skin Therapist 

Sign: Libra

Favorite drink: Baileys

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Go to Food: Fish

Favorite snack: Nuts

Motto: "Give even if you know you can get nothing!"

Fave Coco oil: Vanilla Chamomile 

Name: Jesse

Title: Project Manager

Sign: Leo (but a mix of everything)

Favorite drink: Arizona Green Tea (Alcohol: Moscow Mule)

Coffee or Tea: Tea (I drink coffee a lot more though)

Go to Food: Ramen

Motto: “The truth is always better even if it hurts”

Fave Coco oil: Ginger Coco Oil (Formerly my least favorite) 

Name: Giovanni

Title: CFO

Sign: Aquarius with Libra rising

Favorite drink: Don Julio 1942; Lemonade & cranberry mixed

Coffee or Tea: Coffee espresso for sure, no sugar.

Go to Food: Pizza

Motto: “Live as long as you want, want as long as you live”

Fave Coco oil: Jasmine

Name: Brad

Title: Brand Consultant

Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite drink: Sparkling Water & Mango Lassi

Coffee or Tea: Actually Neither

Go to Food: Dessert: Paris - Cafe Gourmand, NY - Carrot Cake, North Carolina - Banana Pudding :) 

Motto: "I hope by the time I die, I have given more than I have taken."

Fave Coco oil: 100% LEMON!!!

Name: Val 

Title: Babysits the online shop and everything programming related

Sign: Aries

Favorite drink: Beer

Coffee or Tea: Coffee (black, no sugar)

Go to Food: Pasta

Motto: “Impossible is nothing”

Fave Coco oil: Lemon