Rianna Loving- Draft

I’m a west coast California girl, born and raised in the casual glamour of Los Angeles at a time when the idea of becoming more health conscious and “green” was just starting. I grew up creating homemade beauty and health recipes, taking influences from my mom’s Filipino roots and my dad’s English descent and knowledge of western medicine. This passion led me to continue creating in my kitchen, even obtaining my esthetician’s license, until eventually I was earning a living by crafting formulas and officially built a home ‘lab’. I built my businesses from the ground up and was rewarded when Organic To Green was launched exclusively at Fred Segal. Living in L.A., I learned that distinguishing yourself from the crowd was important. However, I didn’t just want to be different, I wanted to make a difference. In between getting married and having kids, I started programs and product lines which catered to the eco-conscious.

Using the official Venice community reusing glass program ReUse Glass Bottles, I was able to trademark ReUseCycle and to create a truly green packaging option for my products. Each of my specially-formulated lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioners is packaged in recycled and sanitized glass bottles collected from the Venice community.

In 2011, Organic to Green launched ORGO, a new innovative conscious luxury lifestyle and beauty brand offering an array of chemical free skincare and family products. Since then ORGO has been featured in New Beauty, Natural Health, Cosmopolitan, Latina, and Nylon Magazines.

ORGO and Organic to Green are now true L.A. cult favorites exclusive to the conscious beauty retail store Beauty Cirque where I and brand director Brad Jones curate other passionate brands and help give them a platform in this competitive industry.

Created by Green Advocate, Rianna Loving, this is the brand famous for handmade and handfilled organic products in glass bottles which have been donated to the community program ReUseGlassBottles.com in support of ReUseCycle.com