Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit
Coco Oil Experience Kit

Coco Oil Experience Kit

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Combining 3 of our most popular coconut oil products so you get the best of all 3 for all your skin and body needs for your complete beauty regimen at a special value price.

Select your favorite Coco Oil from our 5 wonderful scents, each with special essential oils and botanicals for your skin and body needs.

  • Rose for Anti-Aging
  • Vanilla Chamomile for Soothing
  • Ginger for Healing
  • Lemon for Purifying
  • Jasmine Ylang Ylang for Moisturizing 
  • Non-Fragrance for Sensitive 

The Modern Option For Coconut Oil Lovers COCO Oil is propriety infusion of coconut oils blended with organic and natural botanical oils that won't turn solid. 

For Sensitive skin, non-comedogenic, fast absorbing moisturizer + cleanser + make-up remover + shaving + more



As beautiful as a glacier, ARCTIC is our Artisan Edition moisturizing balm with coconut shea to soothe and repair dry skin and lips - all over body really! With just a hint of natural vanilla it's a perfect travel companion to moisturize and heal skin from sun or environmental exposure.

Why we love it:

  • All Over Moisturizer Balm
  • Use as a lip moisturizer
  • Deep hydration treatment for hands, elbows, body, feet, and even face
  • Safe for all ages and skin types

Eco Friendly: Post Consumer Resin Jar 

Directions: Apply desired amount to lips or skin to soothe and repair dry skin. 



Our Artisan Edition GREAT BARRIER protects and prevents wind-chaffed cheeks and dry hands caused by extreme hot or weather by creating a barrier of protection with coconut, lavender, and several other healing plants. It also protects and creates a barrier for dry areas like heels, elbows and even baby's bottom. This is your best multi use traveling companion.

Why we love it:

  • Use on lips or skin to prevent chapped conditions from sun, cold, wind
  • Apply to hands or body for extra moisturizing treatment
  • Helps relieve eczema and psoriasis
  • Diaper balm

Directions: Apply this protective wax barrier before exposure to the elements to protect lips and skin (face, cheeks, hands) from extreme hot or cold chapping, even irritations like rashes (baby’s bottom).



Apply to face or body. We recommend keeping bottles by your sink or in your shower.

Directions: Apply to face or body…

  • MAKEUP REMOVER (gently tissue off, repeat) 
  • CLEANSER (gently wipe with warm cloth) 
  • SHAVING (apply and shave) 
  • MOISTURIZER (all over, anytime or after cleansing) 
  • HAIR (wet hair, tame frizz) 
  • MIX (for extra hydration add to any other product; foundation/lotion) 
  • DIY SCRUB (mix with sugar or salt) 
  • CUSTOMIZE (blend any 5 coco oils together).
  • Great for the entire family including children and babies!