Makeup Palette Travel Set

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Artisan, Italian-made, baked mineral powders, a 4 color palette for an illuminating natural glow with tones of gold, rose gold, taupe and bronze. 

ECOCERT Certified


Artisan, Italian-made, baked mineral powders, a 4 color palette for natural highlights and earthly tones of brown (brows/smokey eyes), light taupe (tan-white), white and neutral pink. 

ECOCERT Certified


Vegan makeup brushes are made without the use of animal hairs and instead from blended fibers like taklon and nylon. Makeup brushes made with vegan bristles are just as soft, durable, and blendable as natural bristles, but are made without the cruelty to animals.

  • Sustainable Lifestyle: Plastic-Free, eco-friendly, handcrafted from bamboo wood, zero waste.
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free: Unlike most makeup brushes, ours are NEVER made from animals or tested on animals.
  • Gentle: Ultra soft, no shedding or chemical smell.
  • Hygienic: Reduces the bacteria that is usually absorbed into animal fibers found on most brushes.
  • Easy Cleaning: Wash with soap and warm water, wrap in paper towels to absorb water then air dry.
  • All You Need: 11 easy to grip brushes for all types of makeup like liquids, creams, and powders to foundation, eyeliner, eyes, lip, bronzers, highlighters and contouring, (12th item is the bag).
  • Washable Pouch: 100% cotton, washable pouch to keep brushes clean and organized. This cotton bag can fit inside your cosmetic bag, so say goodbye to cosmetic bags getting smeared from your makeup brushes.


Luxury Vegan Leather Cosmetic Bag

  • Multi-Use: Use for your skincare, travel toiletries, makeup, shaving kits, personal health (vitamins) or self-care items (gua sha or face rollers).
  • Travel Friendly: Made for secure and easy traveling for airplanes, road trips, work or home use.
  • Material: This bag is made of soft luxury PU vegan leather and is designed with an internal lining to easily wipe down leaks and spills.