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*Rose Mist Duo* Valentines Day Special (Free Shipping Use Code: SHIPLOVE)

*Valentines Day Special* Free shipping (USE CODE SHIPLOVE)

This kit includes:  2 Rose Mist for Skin & Hair + 1 FREE Himalayan Rock & Free Shipping 

Hydrate, tone, and refresh face or body anytime with our handcrafted rose mist infused with watermelon for hydration and pink salts for added minerals to purify the skin. It can also be used on hair for textured beachy waves. 

11 Key Ingredients and Benefits 

  1. Himalayan pink salts: detoxifies, improve hydration, 
  2. Rose flower water:  vitamin C for glow
  3. Witch hazel: gently removes excess oil from skin 
  4. Aloe: A natural anti-inflammatory, soothing
  5. Coconut water: A powerful moisturizer, fatty acids and antioxidants, ultimate skin healer. 
  6. French pink clay: removing dead cells for a fresh and renewed appearance. 
  7. Hibiscus rose: Natural anti-aging ingredient, rejuvenate skin cells for supple, bright skin.
  8. Watermelon extract: Improves redness, youthful, regenerated skin. 
  9. Fermented bactobacillus: keep skins PH levels balanced and clean.
  10. Organic cranberry: anti-aging and antiseptic properties to help keep skin cleansed and youthful.
  11. Vitamin C: combat environmental factors for smoother, youth and to brighten and tone.