Getting to Know Model/Actress: Kourtney Jorge

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Name: Kourtney M. Jorge

Where do you live: New York City
Dream place to live: Santorini, Greece
Born: Memphis, TN with roots in Louisiana 
Profession: Social Media Influencer, Model, Actress

Dream profession: My current profession :)

What do you love about your work? I love spreading positivity and empowering women around the world
What are your Favorite Scents? I love the smell of vanilla, I've loved it since I was a little girl.
Your beauty ritual/routine? Wash my face using exfoliating gloves using tea tree oil soap and toning with Organic to Green Coconut Rose Mist.
What is your creative outlet? I love to act/model. This allows me to take on a different persona. It's kinda like playing dress up; I can be whoever I want to be.
How would you explain your style? My style is minimalist. I don't wear very many colors, I like natural colors mostly - navy, grey, olive, nude.

What’s your personal or life motto? "What will stressing do? ..Nothing."

Do you cook? If so, whats your favorite thing to cook: I cook creole/cajun dishes mostly since my family is from Louisiana. My meal favorite to cook is Jambalaya, it's fairly easy.

Coffee or tea? DEFINITELY tea. Coffee gives me jitters.

Favorite song right now? Love by Kendrick Lamar

If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do? I would go shopping :)
All you need is love and pizza
Favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie growing up, now it's the Pirates of the Caribbean series. 
Favorite foods? Cheese pizza, Seared tuna salad, and bagel and lox
Favorite Organic to Green product?  Coconut Rose mist, it's done wonders for my skin. My skin feels hydrated but not weighted. Hands down my favorite.  I use Organic to Green on a daily basis. Twice a day actually. I spray the rose coconut mist after washing my face. Sometimes I use the balm before bed on my lips and any other part of my body that I want to soften.

For more of the lovely Kourtney M. Jorge check out her instagram @creolekourt


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