NEW ORGANIC TO GREEN Partnership with Toxic Free Market®

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We are so happy to announce our newest partnership with TOXIC FREE MARKET®,  “The Trusted Marketplace For 100% Non-Toxic Certified Products For People and Pets.” Toxic Free Market is now carrying our Liquid Coconut Oils for all over beauty- All our formulas are compliant with their certified organic marketplace for their worldwide customers!


We are dedicated to working with like-minded health conscious companies who are committed to using the best and healthiest ingredients for your everyday needs, so together we can share the message of the importance of healthy products for all.


“TOXIC FREE MARKET was founded by James Uberti, a health and wellness author and environmental toxins expert who has devoted his life to this cause. For the past 10 years, he has studied and authored anti-aging and weight loss books and articles, with topics ranging from obesogens, reversing the aging process to toxic free dieting. He is a fitness enthusiast, triathlete and nutritionist. One day, he discovered that the "organic and non-toxic" personal care and household cleaning products he was using, still included known harmful ingredients despite the label saying it was organic or non-toxic. How could this be, he thought? What was the point of spending time searching for a healthier alternative, often paying more, and still being exposed to hormone disrupting, fat fertilizing obesogenic and cancer causing toxic chemicals?”


TOXIC FREE MARKET® is America’s first non-toxic certified organic marketplace for people and pets worldwide, from baby to personal care to household and everything in between. We certify that the products labeled as organic, natural or non-toxic you use in your home or on your body are actually made without toxic ingredients that are known or suspected to harm human health. Though many products sold today claim they are natural, non-toxic or organic, the truth is they are not free from all known toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients, despite the claims on their labels.  According to the FDA, personal care products, cosmetics cleaning products, even baby and pet care products can advertise to be "natural" or "organic" as long as just one ingredient was derived from a plant or mineral. In addition, for a product to qualify as "non-toxic" simply means that less than 50% of animal test subjects were fatally harmed after being


"We strive, every day, to provide the best example we can for offering trustworthy, non-toxic products. The wellbeing of people and the planet is our mission. Our passion is fueled by the simple yet profound joy of making it easier for people and pets to live a toxic free life.” – Founder, James Uberti



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