Founder Story

Rianna Loving - Founder Organic to Green

My hope is to make a contribution to future generations by paving the way with our products by helping unite all people through a vision of health and beauty. When I was growing up, my mother had an obsession with sourcing the freshest and healthiest ingredients and would spend hours in the kitchen making all of our food from scratch. Being from a Filipino background, I remember sticking out like a sore thumb in the school lunchroom as a kid, with my tupperware of adobo chicken while everyone else had bologna and cheese sandwiches. I couldn’t help but crave one of those sandwiches, not realizing that my little container had more wholesome ingredients in it than Oscar Meyer, Kraft and Wonder Bread put together!

Growing up part Filipino and part European not only contributed to my palate, but also to my skincare. I had a hard time finding products that were compatible with my combination multi-ethnic skin type. Finding brands that actually worked was a struggle - in between an early career as a ballerina and actor, I found myself hand crafting face masks using what I found in my mother’s pantry. I mixed together everyday ingredients like apple cider vinegar, fresh roses from our garden, rice powder and coconuts - an early glimpse for what would eventually become my career.

hard time
Rianna with family

What came about was Organic To Green: products for all ethnicities, skin types and genders. I was inspired to create all-natural beauty formulas that were more accessible to women like my mom and friends, and were also sourced in all-sustainable packaging, making it healthier for both our bodies and the planet. When I officially committed to making natural beauty products full time, my family’s garage was converted into a home lab, and we were off! Within a few months, my first collection was launched exclusively at Fred Segal, Santa Monica in unique sustainable ReUse Glass Bottles. After a few pop-ups around Los Angeles, we have finally found our home at a brick and mortar on Main Street, Santa Monica and welcome our second location near the internationally recognized artisan community of Venice, CA in the Abbot Kinney neighborhood.

Since I founded Organic to Green after becoming a mom myself, I’ve found value in multi-taskers, all-in-ones... basically anything that will save time! This is why so many of our products can be used as cleansers, moisturizers, shaving cream, and more. Just like our packaging, we embrace versatility, sustainability and natural ingredients. Organic to Green carries on my mother’s tradition of sourcing only the best ingredients and making all our recipes with love. Rianna mom


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