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Name:  Melanie 

Live: Technically, I’m currently homeless. I’ve been traveling the globe for the past year, and now am figuring out where I’m going to nest for a while. I’m thinking it might be Asheville, NC, to be near my sister during her first pregnancy. But I’m also looking at other places, including Austin and Boston. (It’s just a happy coincidence that they rhyme.)

Dream place to live: My dream living situation would be to split the year between places. I’m a weird mix of nomad and nester. One example of a dream situation would be the following: I’d love to live 6 months of the year in Hawaii, then spend 4 months in Edinburgh, and the remaining two months wandering wherever my fancy takes me. Though, even that would likely need to be changed up after a while.


Born: Kentucky

Profession: Jane of Many Trades, really. Though, Wellness Professional covers most of them. Here are all my ‘official’ titles: Licensed massage therapist, licensed esthetician, certified yoga instructor, certified reiki practitioner, professional tarot consultant, health and lifestyle coach, and freelance writer.

Dream profession: I’m living it …

What do you love about your work? Practically everything! I love being able to take what I’ve learned from my years of study and practice and using it to be of service to others. Helping folks learn how they can live the best life possible with ease, enjoyment, and vitality really lights me up inside.

Favorite Scents?  Generally, I primarily enjoy natural scents - essential oils are a fixture in my life. I like them all, but my go-tos are peppermint, lavender, rose otto, neroli orange, bergamot, geranium, and a beautiful blend of lavender and sandalwood. The one human-made scent I do love is Chanel no. 5. I also love the smell of babies (clean ones, of course), fresh cut grass, rain, wisteria flowers, honeysuckle, and ripe fruit.

Beauty ritual/routine:  My beauty routine is fairly simple. First and foremost, I work to cultivate the highest state of vibrant health possible. A healthy body on the inside is beautiful on the outside. I stay hydrated. Try to get good quality regular copious sleep. I make an effort to get regular sunshine and fresh air. Move my body regularly. I moisturize my face and body with oils, and exfoliate when I need it. And I avoid unnatural chemicals as much as possible. I also like to relax in a bath full of bubbles and/or flower petals and really pamper myself when I’m starting to feel a little run down. This always helps me get back to center and reconnects me with myself.

What is your creative outlet? I have about a million creative outlets. I write, make videos, color, draw, dance, reorganize and rearrange spaces, sing, play, embroider, make jewelry, do sewing project, and lots of other crafts. This list could get very long, but that’s a decent sampler.

How would you explain your style? Eclectic, for sure. I can switch from pink to punk in a matter of minutes. I don’t like to be tied down to one defining style or attitude. If something intrigues me, I’ll explore it and take what works.

Personal or life motto? Here are a few of my favorite quotes that sum it up quite nicely: “Slow and steady wins the race.” “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

Favorite song right now? I don’t think I could ever pick one favorite. It’s probably pretty clear by now that I have very eclectic tastes and preferences. Music, for me, is very mood driven, so it really depends on how I’m feeling as to what music I’m listening to. However, this morning I was listening to come Cocteau Twins during my yoga practice. It was really working for me in that moment.

If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do? Whatever was inspiring me in the moment! But it’s quite possible that I’d be inspired to get into the woods for a hike.

All you need is love and … someone to share it with!   

Favorite Organic to Green product & how do you use it?  Honestly, I’ve loved every Organic to Green product I’ve tried, but I think my favorite is the Chap Guard. I have a tendency toward drier skin, and it’s the perfect thick consistency to provide lasting moisture without leaving a greasy after-feel. It’s brilliant!

 I use it to moisturize face and body, for lip care, to treat my hands and feet, as a makeup remover. I’ve used in on my hair to help keep frizz at bay and to protect my ends. I’ve added some sugar to the oil and created a luxurious exfoliating scrub. It’s great for my massage clients - especially for facial massage. And it makes a nice pre- and post-treatment for body and facial waxing.

For more wellness & health, check out Melanie over on instagram

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