Getting to Know Yoga Teacher and Life Coach: Jamie

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Name: Jamie Nicole Wirht

Where do you live: Venice, CA

Dream place to live: Hawaii

Born: Los Angeles born & raised

Profession: Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

Dream profession: A Spiritual Leader like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, etc. but for my generation in my own way.

What do you love about your work: I love helping people find happiness from within. I help them make small mental shifts, which makes big changes to create a life they love.

What are your Favorite Scents: Light florals and anything that smells like Hawaii.

Your beauty ritual/routine: I keep it as simple as possible. I cleanse my face and then rub coconut oil all over my face and body. I brush my teeth with charcoal once a week. Chapstick, tinted sunscreen, and an eyelash curler are my most used makeup items…AKA no makeup. I love Self-care Sundays where I usually add a bubble bath and a face mask to my routine.

What is your creative outlet: Instagram! I love editing photos and writing beautiful words that inspire and help others. Follow me @selectivelyspiritual

How would you explain your style: Ever changing. As I learn, grow, change, and develop so does my style.

What’s your personal or life motto: I have three main ideas I live by… “Be yourself everyone else is already taken.” –Oscar Wilde

We are all very different so I believe in trying everything and finding what works for you! Hence the name selectively spiritual.

“Life is happening FOR us, not TO us.” –Tony Robbins

Everything happens for a reason so find the blessing or the learning lesson in every situation. Live in the present moment and accept life as it comes. You cannot change what has happened but you can choose how you react to it and what to do moving forward. Your thoughts create your reality so think positive and dream big! Law of attraction, karma, whatever you want to call it, we are energy and we attract the same energy that we put out. Every thought you have is a seed you plant. What kind of garden are you growing?

If you had 3 hours of free time, you would... Yoga, meditate, bubble bath, massage, & the beach with friends.

All you need is love and...SELF love & a positive mindset.

Favorite Organic to Green product: The coco oils in ylang ylang and rose! I love having a big bottle on my bathroom counter and rubbing it all over my face and body every morning and night. It keeps my skin so hydrated and soft! My boyfriend has a big bottle of the unscented coco oil and is obsessed with it as well. He said “I bet I will finish my coco oil bottle before you finish yours!” …Challenge accepted.

 I mostly use the coco oil as a moisturizer but it also works really well for giving massages.

**Follow Jamie's instagram @selectivelyspiritual for inspiration & beautiful motivation**

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