Getting to know biohacker & health guru: Tom Flynn

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Name Tom Flynn 

 What does biohacking mean to you?  To me biohacking is actually about choosing what’s healthiest for your body without being constrained by what current culture defines as normal. For me this generally means finding ways to provide my body and mind with conditions that it has evolved to grow from such as exercising outdoors, acute stress, complex movement patterns, time to relax and socialize while minimizing conditions my body is not evolved for like artificial lighting, processed foods, constant mental stress, etc.

Born Danville, California

Live Between Santa Monica and Newport Beach

Dream Place to Live California

Profession Digital Innovation

Dream Profession Owner of a health and wellness solutions business

What do you love about your work? Being a leader of change, working with teams to do things that were thought impossible.

What are your Favorite Scents? Spearmint, eucalyptus

Your skincare routine day and night? Super simple, I shower in morning and evening and use gentle face soap then use the Vanilla Chamomile coco oil as a face and body moisturizer.

What is always in your fridge? It depends on my diet at the time, right now I'm doing paleo, so you can find grass fed meat, lots of vegetables, greek yogurt, eggs, and bacon.

What is the craziest health hack you are trying right now?  Earthing. Earthing is grounding yourself in order to get the benefits of negative ions/electrons similar to what you would get by walking barefoot by the ocean on the beach.. Earthing devices plug into the grounding port of a wall socket and by touching them with your bare skin give you the same benefits. The primary benefit is to reduce inflammation, which helps with recovery, injuries, feelings of stress, mental clarity and a whole host of other things.

What is your creative outlet? Movement practices. I have recently been getting more involved with different movement practices, these include things like animal flow, locomotion, crawling, hand standing, swinging, rolling, tumbling, jumping and balancing.

How would you explain your style? I like to dress for the occasion and mix elements of classic style with more laid back culture. For example, for work I will wear a t-shirt and tailored blazer with slacks and on the weekend I pretty much live in my board shorts.

What’s your personal or life motto?  If you're not growing you're dying 

If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do? Play, stretch, climb, crawl, lift, swim, run, talk, relax, meditate.

Coffee or Tea? Water

Morning or Night person? Both

All you need is love and a good attitude

Favorite Organic to Green Product and why? The Eucalyptus Spray... I love to use it in the shower and it totally transforms a regular shower to an amazing aromatherapy spa treatment.  Also, the Vanilla Chamomile Coco Oil because it's a natural moisturizer and doesn’t have any artificial or synthetic like other products in the market and I actually know what's in the product.  





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