Getting to Know Stylist: Juliana Vigorito

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Name: Juliana Vigorito - but everyone calls me Julie for short.

Born: March 23, 1998 in Long Island, New York.

Live: Currently New York City for school

Dream Place to Live: NYC or somewhere in Europe

Profession: Student, Blogger and Stylist

Dream Profession: Creative Director

What do you love about your work?
I love how my work is my passion. I’m happy I can spread what I love doing and inspire others through my work and make them happy too. In addition, I love who I work with and all the new people I meet. I am constantly growing, learning, and creating.

Favorite Scents?
I just got hooked on a Zara perfume called Femme, that is a mix of floral and vanilla - it is so delicious! Also, who doesn’t love a men's cologne scent.

Your skincare routine day and night?
When I wake up I wash my face, moisturize, and spray Organic to Green Rose Coco Oil Mist before I apply makeup. At night, I’ll take off my makeup using Organic to Green Coco Oils, exfoliate when I need, mask then moisturize.

What is always in your fridge?
I always have fresh cut up fruit, greek yogurt and salad.

What is the craziest health or beauty hack you are trying right now?
If intermediate fasting is a crazy health hack then I am doing it right now haha. I fast for 6 hours from the moment I wake up and after the time is up I can eat anything. Healthy options of course, but it is really great if you want to see results quicker.

What is your creative outlet?
Photography, Blogging, Designing, Drawing, and Music

How would you explain your style?
My style depends on my mood, so sometimes it can be a sophisticated street style look, a comfortable vintage look, or an edgy taking on the town look

What’s your personal or life motto?
Do what you love no matter what anyone else thinks, because you can do anything you put your mind to.

If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do?
Shop and go to the gym which basically sums up me

Favorite song right now? I’m torn between Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up by Barry White and I Remember by Deadmau5 and Kaskade

Coffee or Tea? Tea!

Favorite skincare item? Moisturizer

Morning or Night person? Morning person always

All you need is love and... Happiness

Favorite Organic to Green Product? 
I love and religiously use the coco oils, but I just tried the Stars Pink Mask and it changed my life. I’m so obsessed on how it truly tightens, refreshens, and makes my skin look brand new feeling repaired and strong. I take a spoon of mask powder and put it into the Organic to Green Mask Kit bowl. I then apply water, mix it, and paint it on my face using the brush. I let it sit till its all dry then scrub it off with warm water. I’ll use it both morning and night and after anytime I use it, I always moisturize.

For More of this beauty check her out on insta @julievigorito!




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