Skip the Gym: The Wanderer’s Guide to Fitness

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Have you ever found yourself bored with your regular gym routine? When motivation is fleeting and you begin to feel confined, it’s time to get out and discover something new.
Recently, I began to explore local nature preserves and public space trails. It has opened my eyes to a completely new way of staying active. Not only was I getting a good workout in, but I also felt a sense of peace being away from the buzz of a typical gym.
As a novice, I chose the Bob Jones Trail in Avila Beach, CA. It starts in the hills and takes you all the way to the beach. Though it is a long trail, it remains pretty level so it’s perfect for a beginner like myself, or someone who would like to go on an easy jog and still get a good sweat going.
Remember to always wear sunscreen whenever you plan an outdoor excursion – choose something that is easy to carry and reapply. I recommend the Completely Weightless SPF 29 Sunscreen Spray by ORGO, available on I was very glad I took it with me, especially since I forgot a hat. I was able to apply it to my scalp without looking like a greasy mess.
So if you have been feeling uninspired, get out and take in your local surroundings. You will emerge with a renewed perspective and be motivated to take on whatever comes your way.
All Photos Courtesy of Janet San Juan

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