3 Things No One Tells You When You’re Starting Your Own Business

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Recently I decided to open my own studio salon. I have been in the beauty industry for almost a decade and felt it was time. Despite having amazing support from many, I was not prepared for the people voicing their “concerns for my well-being and success.” Whether they had good intentions or not, it would cause a minor bout of anxiety and inner monologue “Am I doing the right thing? Is this too big a risk?” But I shook it off, and decided not to let someone else’s unsolicited two cents dim my excitement or my drive to grow my business. I knew I was properly prepared and had confidence in my work, as every aspiring young business owner should. Below you will find the three things you are not warned about, but will have to deal with when starting your new journey.

#1 There Will Be Naysayers (AKA Haters Gonna Hate)

I had many people say, “So, you are just going to be renting a station in someone else’s salon? Or are you really opening your own shop? You know there’s a ton of paperwork and legal stuff right? What about advertisement? Isn’t that really expensive?” Yes, I am well aware of the steps I need to take to open my business. Even if you are completely prepared, you will run into someone who will question your capability to hold your own. Do not let them discourage you! They are projecting their own self-doubt onto you. As long as you are educated and informed on all the laws and regulations needed to follow for your city, county, and state, there is nothing to worry about. Advertising and building your business should not be a dauntingly unattainable, expensive task either. Know what your target demographic is and participate in events that will get your name out into the community. Build a positive unique reputation and clients will flock to your door.

#2 Stay Humble (Be Nice Or Else)

You’ve heard the expression “Don’t burn your bridges,” right? Well, it’s even more important now that you own your own business. You never know when you might need to cross-market, or need a helping hand from other local businesses. Never badmouth a fellow business owner or locals in your industry. Be kind and respectful, even if they may not be that way with you. I have already encountered some negativity toward my business, but I keep in mind that it stems from their insecurities with their own faults and they feel intimidated by the new competition. As women I feel we should empower and build each other up, not bring each other down, so I had a difficult time understanding the mindset of someone with ill will towards my business. If you find yourself in this situation, SHAKE IT OFF!!! Don’t let yourself be dragged down.

#3 Keep It Classy (There Are Eyes Everywhere)

As a business owner you will now be constantly watched. The more you grow your business, the more people will recognize you when you’re out. Remember to always present yourself in a positive, professional manner. The last thing you want is to be known as “that girl that gets sloppy drunk at work events.” I’ve seen people make this mistake, and it’s not pretty. So keep it classy ladies, there is a time and a place for everything. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the way you present yourself can make or break you.

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