Getting to Know Krista Williams - Wellness, Fashion Blogger & Almost 30 Podcaster

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Who: Krista Williams

Lives: Venice, California

Dream place to live: Excited to say after living in a few different cities that this could be my dream place to live. This, or London! Would love to do part time.

Born: OHIO! It’s as boring as it seems, ha.

Profession: Digital Marketer, Blogger and Podcaster

Dream profession: Owner of my own media company that includes my blog, podcast, more travel and more of an impact!

What you love about your work: I love that with blogging, I can express myself with the written word, create things and share. Especially with travel, I LOVE being able to share cool places I’ve been with people. For the podcast, it’s probably my favorite thing ever. I LOVE interviewing and learning from people, laughing and putting a spotlight on amazing humans through the platform. Podcasting is the real me. You get to know my personality and who I am.

Favorite Scents: I love Alien by Thierry Mugler as a perfume, and any sort of oils or vanillas on my body all the time.

Beauty Ritual:  I like to keep it simple. I use Organic to Green on my body after I shower and before bed, it makes my skin really soft and I LOVE that there’s only one or two ingredients. For my face, I use Dermalogica gentle face wash, a vitamin C serum, and moisturizer from MORE a new brand I discovered. I moisturize a lot, but the biggest beauty key is eating well and sleeping!

Creative Outlet: Podcasting – definitely! I feel like sharing stories, asking questions, finding amazing people to interview, and sharing their story is so creatively fulfilling. Plus, building a business, branding Almost 30 Podcast, and more helps to keep me always thinking in a business/creative mindset.

Fashion Style: Most days, it’s lazy person, HA. But when I try, it’s bohemian with a bit of an edge. I love brands like Show Me Your Mumu for their patterns and fit, Zara for their city feel and Zimmerman for the feminine flair.

Life Motto: Keep it One Hundred. That’s why I named my blog The Hundred Blog, because I like to always keep it real, honest and raw. It’s important too, to always do everything all the way. I do things either zero to 100. I go all in.

Favorite Organic to Green product: I love the Liquid Coconut Oil Rose – it smells and feels so so good and I love the anti-aging properties.

How you use your Organic to Green:  I use the coconut oil for EVERYTHING. I LOVE that it’s so simple, First as a natural amazing makeup remover! It’s easy to get everything off with one product and my skin doesn’t feel dry. I also used to just dry shave, and my skin was never soft or moisturized after, so now I use it when shaving, I just apply and shave and my skin feel so much better! Last, I add it to other lotions I have for extra hydration and to make it absorb better. It’s just easy to use for everything!

Current Favorite Song: Congratulations by Post Malone 

If you had 3 hours of free time, you would: I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, to be completely honest. I cannot remember the last time I had more than an hour to myself. I keep me days super packed! If I had 3 hours of free time I would probably work – HA. OR I would get a massage at The Now, go to Erewhon and get some amazing treats for way too much, then hang with my boyfriend a bit.

All you need is love and…. A good meditation practice truly! It’s a game changer, it’s not comfortable at first, but helps with everything. Mood, energy levels, mental health…I use Tara Brach’s Podcast – she is the BEST. It’s free on iTunes!

 Where you can find more of this amazing woman:

  • Visit her website for travel, wellness and beauty tips
  • Her Podcast is A MUST! Check it out here:  She has amazing guest speakers including Sakara Founders, Model Meals Founder Danika Brysha, celebrity health coaches, meditation gurus & many more top leaders in health, beauty, fashion & wellness.
  • Definitely follow her insta for super inspiring fashion and travel tips!

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