Luxury Hotel Refillable Amenities

Why refillable bottles? Because just one 200 room hotel contributes over 200,000 plastic bottles to our planet each and every year.

Organic to Green Luxury Hotel Refillable Amenities

Organic to Green originated in 2009 launching in LA's prestigious Fred Segal boutique in Santa Monica with an organic product assortment with innovative packaging using reusable glass. Since then we have made it our mission to offer natural and organic products that are good for you while at the same time following our mission of reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating the vicious cycle of plastic waste that pollutes our planet causing multiple detrimental consequences to our daily lives and the lives of all living organisms that inhabit our planet.

One of our most passionate programs is hotel amenities. In response to all the added packaging waste of hotel minis, we set out to create a luxury refillable bottle hotel amenity collection that will give guests the ultimate experience while on business or vacation. Instead of a watered downed diluted product, our collection is a fragrant blend of natural and organic botanicals and oils making it a green, eco-friendly luxury product. The bottles get refilled after each guest stay by remaining in the rooms, and a hotel saves approximately 30-40% on their annual in-room toiletries since you are no longer investing in packaging with each stay - just the product used!

Whether you love white tea or coconut, we know you will love our eco-friendly refillable amenity collection for your hotel.

Click below to view our digital Organic to Green catalog which will give you more information on the brand as well as an overview on the refillable hotel amenity collection and costs. We would love the opportunity to present the collection in more detail with you or send you samples to try it first hand. Thank you for your time in reviewing and considering Organic to Green!

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Products perfect for boutique luxury eco-conscious hotels or private vacation homes. There is a $500 minimum to purchase wholesale products. No other coupons or codes can be accepted. Products cannot be resold online. Products cannot be resold in stores without written permission. Shipping is additional for all orders.