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I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop in San Luis Obispo, CA and in walks Stephanie Barba. She is a beacon of light amongst the monotony of indie chic, neutral color pallets which seem the “go-to” choice of most young fashionistas at the shop this afternoon. Stephanie sits next to me at a tall table and I inquire about the inspiration behind her style.



 Photo Courtesy of Janet San Juan – Model, Stephanie Barba – Location, Bubble Gum Alley San Luis Obispo, CA

Stephanie is a talented up and coming hairdresser in California’s central coast. As a young single mother, she strives to build her business and her dreams, all the while providing an enriched, and memorable childhood for her son. In this way she teaches her son to have a strong work ethic, and to never settle for anything less than your dreams. “If you don’t love what you do, you bring that negativity home, it affects everything in your life.”



 Photo Courtesy of Janet San Juan – Model, Stephanie Barba – Location, Slo Brew San Luis Obispo, CA

Stephanie’s unique style is what originally caught my eye. She is an incredibly inspiring walking oxymoron, a blend of femininity and masculinity. She tells me she refuses to force herself to fit into the typical socially accepted esthetic. When asked what her greatest influences are she says Frida Kahlo and Courtney Love have, since a young age, really inspired her to embrace her individuality. “One day I’ll wear a flower crown, and the next a dark brown lipstick.” She constantly pushes the envelope, not unlike her famous influences, and uses fashion, makeup, and hair as an artistic expression, putting her true self out in the open without fear.



 Photo Courtesy of JSJ Hair Design

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 Photo Courtesy of

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