Under the Spanish Sun, Entry #1: Beauty Cirque’s Summer Travel Essentials

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Photo Courtesy of tortugabackpacks.com

I can’t claim to be a packing expert. Like most people, I too, struggle with the simplistic elegance that is correctly packing a suitcase so that it is light and contains just the right amount of clothing to last the entire trip. Travel is supposed to be about blending into your surroundings and learning about new cultures and peoples, right? Thus, packing light is a necessity… as well as fairly hard to do. Of course, to help ease the sudden arrival to a strange place, it helps to have familiar talismans with you to also keep you connected to who you are. So if you do plan on traveling this summer, make sure you have at least these five things in your suitcase before you leave!

1. Comfy Shoes &

2. Purse

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Always make sure your shoes are comfortable. To wander means to walk, a lot and far. It helps to bring along two pairs of walking shoes, so your feet don’t get too sore in the same places.

As for your purse, I tend to think that a good travel purse must have at least a zipper and must be able to hold all of your small necessities without feeling too bulky. It’s also good to have the extra space to carry a light sweater if you plan on being out until dark.

3. Dress

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It’s always good to have a casual dress that you can slip on once you reach your destination to help you feel your best even after long hours of traveling! I like bright prints on a light cloth – it definitely made me feel like I was on vacation.

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4. Camera

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With most phones already built with amazing camera functions and quality, you’re pretty much set with your pocket-sized photography kit! But if you’re like me, it feels reassuring to have a Canon camera in hand. There’s something picturesque in itself about exploring around an unknown city with a wide angle lens – you feel prepared to stumble upon anything.

5. Notebook & Pen

beauty cirque spain summer travel essentials notebook

Keep notes on your surroundings. A good old-fashioned notebook and pen won’t run out of batteries and won’t cost you hundreds of dollars, either. The Moleskine City Notebook series provides a useful map and guide to whatever city you are visiting, with sections such as “Places, Legends, Recipes” and “Bars, Wineries, Stories” that allow you to create memorable anecdotes you might otherwise forget.

beauty cirque spain summer travel essentials notebook pen

And shoutout to my favorite pen, B2P by Pilot! Each pen case is made out of recycled plastic bottles, which cuts back on plastic waste. Plus, I just love the way it writes.

With these items in tow, you’re sure to have an unforgettable summer! Now go exploring – the world is just outside your door.

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 Outfit Details

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: JustFab

Flower Crown: local artisan market

Cardigan: Cotton On

Lipstick: New York Apple by MAC

Necklace: H&M

Sunglasses: drugstore

All other photos courtesy of Nicole Manguramas

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