How To Meditate: A 5-Step Guide

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How To Meditate: A 5-Step Guide


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If silencing your mind for a moment seems like an eternity don’t give up yet!

Five tips I had to learn in order to meditate properly:

1. Eliminate Distraction

In order to make your first real attempt at meditation worthwhile, you really need a quiet and easily darkened space.
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Cover all the windows and use an eye mask if you’re easily distracted. The darker the room, the better.

2. Set the Right Frequency

You will want to avoid anything that uses electricity. Turn off, unplug, and keep electrical items away from your person, especially laptops and cellphones.
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I found that using a healing pyramid benefited my meditations immensely. The metals help to channel away negative electrical currents and can be used as a head piece or over any items you wish to use during your meditation.

3. Direct Your Thoughts

Mantras are great, but your thoughts have to go somewhere first.
I found it incredibly helpful to contain my erratic way of thinking by creating a visual space in my mind for them to go to.
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The exercise that helped me the most was envisioning a pot of boiling water. You close your eyes and internalize the image by asking yourself questions and describing with all your five senses the detail of the pot, its contents, and then expanding to its surroundings.

4. Clear Your Space

Once your visualization is complete you can eliminate the image or take it away piece by piece. This should leave you with an open and clear space.
Mantras can then be used. Mantras are sounds meant to filter the occasional thought that might sneak in. They also create a pleasurable tone that allows you to be still for longer periods of time. Humming or “OM” are commonly used mantras.
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Clear Quartz is great for clearing spaces.

5. Control Your Emotions

Thoughts directly feed emotions. Sometimes, you can take all the steps above and still have a difficult time meditating. This might be because you have something pressing on your mind that needs resolution.
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Black tourmaline and sage help trap negative energy, thoughts, and emotions.
When I have hard time releasing a thought I say out loud “it doesn’t matter.” I do this as many times as I need to until I feel better. One time I had to repeat this for an entire hour before I felt relief, but it has never failed me to do this. You can use a different word or phrase if it makes more sense to you.

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