Getting To Know Women's Blogger, Caitlin Patton

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Name - Caitlin Patton

Born - St. Louis, MO

Live - Chicago, IL

Dream Place to Live - Barcelona

Profession - Blogger and Influencer Marketing Consultant

Dream Profession - TODAY Show Host

What do you love about your work?  I get to meet so many amazing women through my industry. It’s not often that your “competitors” become your best friends!

What are your Favorite Scents? I love fresh and floral scents for summer, and for winter, I am allll about the sweet vanillas that remind me of my mom’s Christmas cookies. 

What is your creative outlet? I would say my blog is my creative outlet, but when that feels too much like work, I turn to painting or graphic design.

How would you explain your style? Southern roots meets city sophisticaition - spelled the way my blog name is, of course! It’s a fun mix between the bright, bold and girl style of the South, with the minimalistic, chic and monochromatic style of big cities. I love blending the two together!

What’s your personal or life motto? In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do? Go to the beach on Lake Michigan and have a picnic with friends.

Favorite song right now? No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande

Coffee or Tea? COFFEE. I know tea is *healthier* but I credit coffee with all my accomplishments so far.

Favorite skincare item? I think my cleanser is my favorite because it’s the foundation of my skin. If my skin isn’t clean, nothing else I do really matters!

Morning or Night person?  I am such a night owl, it’s crazy! Most of my blog posts are written after midnight.

All you need is love and... coffee!

Favorite Organic to Green Product? My go-to is the Coco Oil! Face feeling a bit dry? Spray some Coco Oil and rub it in! Need to take off makeup: Use Coco Oil! It’s so versatile that I have started carrying it with me everywhere.

For more amazing style, fashion, beauty, travel and marketing tips head to Caitlin's website xoxo

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