How A Doula Uses Coconut Oil For Personal Use & Preganancy

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Meet Shannon!

(Shannon above, loving her morning coffee)

She is a lawyer and mother living in Los Angeles. She formerly spent several years working as a doula in the Bay Area and has been making natural personal care and cosmetics items for her and her family for more than 15 years. She believes that simplicity is paramount for a beautiful and happy life.

Shannon offered to share some of her personal beauty secrets and uses for coconut oil to keep her skin healthy and glowing as well as some tips for the best coconut oil uses during pregnancy. 

Shannons Beauty Secrets

1) I put coconut oil in my hair (don’t go crazy w the amount and avoid the roots), put my hair in two tight braids and sleep w it as a deep conditioner. The next day I wash my hair twice and let my hair dry naturally bc my curls always looks great after I’ve given them some extra love.

2) I love taking an epsom salt bath and putting a big scoop of coconut oil in the tub with me. You get out and are so soft and moisturized.

3) I mix coconut oil with shea butter and use it as a super intense body moisturizer (Ry, my husband, also uses it in his hair and I use it on my fly always).

(above, some of Shannon's beauty cabinet favorites)

As a doula, coconut oil is great for:

1. Moisturizing the skin and belly during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks the belly grows.

2. Giving lymphatic massages to pregnant mamas to release tension and increase circulation and digestion.

3. Perennial massages in the weeks leading up to labor.

4. As a lubricant during sex.

5. And it’s great to use on the baby for massages post birth.

(Shannon with beautiful baby Abe!)

(Shannon above with Hubby Ryan) 

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