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1. Name: Janet San Juan.
2. Live: in San Luis Obispo, CA
3. Dream place to live: I basically already live in my dream location, but would LOVE to expand into a home with some acreage.  
4. Born: I was born in Los Angeles, CA
5.Profession: I am a hairdresser and freelance artist at a private studio that I own called JSJ Hair Design
6. Dream Profession: My dream profession was to be a painter, and also to be my own boss. I have definitely achieved that by opening my studio and melding both art and hairdressing into one.
7. What you love about your work: I love that I get to have one on one conversations with so many different people from all walks of life. I feel that I learn something new everyday from clients, and because my studio is private, my clients get to experience a mini escape from all the hustle and bustle of their busy schedules. They leave my salon feeling beautiful and renewed. Its great being able to have that kind of impact on someones self esteem.
8. Favorite scents: My favorite perfume in Stella by Stella McCartney. Other than that I love the smell of sage and lavender essential oils.
9. Beauty Routine: My beauty routine is kind of simple. I start by removing my makeup with one of Organic to Green's coco oils, my favorite right now is Lemon. Then I wash with an organic lavender face wash, tone with a organic rose face mist, the use Gold by Organic to Green. Once every two weeks I do a deep exfoliation using a professional facial brush and do a hydrating mask. As far as hair goes I must confess... I am SUPER lazy with my own hair... I know, for shame! But its true, I am super low maintenance. I will usually air dry my hair at night, then do simple beachy waves the next morning. Makeup I keep pretty simple as well, but I almost never leave home without the sharpest winged liner the world has ever seen.
10. Creative Outlet:  My main creative outlet is painting. I get inspired by high fashion editorial photos. I work with oil paint on canvas. I can really get lost in a painting, so when I plan on working on a piece, I have to set aside several hours or basically an entire day so that I don't have to worry about anything else, I can just be fully engrossed.
11. Your Style: It's really difficult to describe my style... It changes depending on my mood sometimes, but for the most part I always wear black. head to toe... But I do throw in some bohemian accessories. Bohemian Punk? lol 
12. Motto: My personal motto is... Don't Kill My Vibe.
13. Fave Song: My favorite song right now is "Glorious" by Macklemore. I challenge you to watch that music video and not get all the feels...
14. If you had 3 hours what would you do: If I had 3 hours of free time, I would turn off my phone go kayaking with my husband. It is so liberating to be completely disconnected from all social media, work, emails, etc.and living in the moment with your favorite person. It's an almost overwhelming sense of peace.
15. All you need is love and a mixtape... 
16. Fave O2G Product: My absolute favorite Organic to Green product is the Coco Oil, it melts off ALL my makeup. Honestly my skin looks and feels amazing when I use it. I love using it as an all over body moisturizer as well.
17. How you use O2G: I use Organic to Green for everything. The Coco Oil is my makeup remover and all over moisturizer. I wear water resistant makeup so the coco oil really helps gently melt it all away without having to scrub and irritate my skin. I use the Eucalyptus spray as aroma therapy at home and at my salon, its seriously so soothing.
Find Janet on Instagram: @jsjhairdesign or on her Website:

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