GETTING TO KNOW: Kari Mackey, Artist, Mother, Dreamer

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Name:  Kari Mackey
Where do you live:  Atlanta, GA
Dream place to live:  Bali, Indonesia
Born:  Southern California
Profession:  Senior Program Associate working in international development
Dream profession:  Travel Guide Writer
What do you love about your work?   Helping transform people’s lives through the right of access to information
Favorite Scents: coconut, cocoa, vanilla, lemon
Beauty routine:  morning shower, daily shampoo, make-up, and bright lipstick!
Creative outlet:  painting, writing, photography, sewing
How would you explain your style?  a lot bohemian, a little punk
What’s your personal or life motto?  be true to yourself
If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do?  Work on my next painting, swim, or go dancing (because I freaking love to dance)
Favorite song right now:  Garden, Sza
All you need is love and…. yummy smelling coconut oil!
Favorite Organic to Green product & how do you use it: Lemon Coco Oil, it smells heavenly!!! I use it as a body moisturizer, make-up remover & hair moisturizer for my son’s hair

Find her on insta @karianmack


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