GETTING TO KNOW: MOTHER, MODEL/ACTOR, & CO-CREATOR of mother loving future blog and podcast

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Name: Amber Lestrange
Where do you live? Los Angeles, CA
Dream place to live? Can I have a few?? New York City, Queenstown, NZ or a remote beach town in Europe somewhere ;)

Born: Cape Town, South Africa
Profession: Professional mama, model/actor, co-creator of The Mother Loving Future blog and podcast
Dream profession: I love what I do at MLF and would like to extend the mission to involve speaking, traveling, writing books and hosting retreats. And of course, I have to also throw in bring a host of a nature travel adventure show. 
What do you love about your work?
I love that my work is birthed from a burning fire in my belly to contribute to a greater good in the world. I love that my work serves my healing as well as others and hopefully can support a collective healing on earth.I love that I work with my best friend and together we can weave our dreams into a reality. 
What are your favorite scents?
I love jasmine and rose based scents, frangipani too. I am too aware of the damaging effects of conventional perfume so I always use essential oil based perfumes. 
Your beauty ritual/routine? 
I use a tongue scraper each morning and night. Always apply sunscreen. Love me a nightly bath with oils and epsom salt. I apply a hair mask once or twice a week and oil my body up. Part of my beauty routine is to keep hydrated with lots of water and greens and get as much sleep and exercise as possible. 
What is your creative outlet?
Life is my creative outlet. I try to make everything intentional and fun. From making a meal, to writing a blog entry, to cleaning the house or playing with my toddler. In the more traditional sense of the question, podcasting and growing MLF by exploring  different ways of spreading our message is a great creative outlet for me. 
How would you explain your style?
I dress according to my mood so its hard to categorize me in one style..Since I have become a mother comfort and practicality rule most of my wardrobe decisions so I try to keep my options playful as well as practical so I don't feel boring in my clothes. Overalls and playsuits are always within arms reach but right now I am loving denim of all sorts and worn plain T-shirts and a cute accessory. 

Favorite song right now? River by Leon Bridges
What’s your personal or life motto?
It always changes but some that I always find myself coming back to are: 
Breakdowns are an opportunity for a breakthrough.
Food is medicine
Be the change you wish to see. 
If you had 3 hours of free time what would you do?
Anytime I feel like I have some spare time to indulge all I want to do is be by the ocean. 
All you need is love and..some more love.
Her favorite Organic to Green product & how she uses it 
LOVE the rose coco oil, I use it daily. It is so light and refreshing!! I use it Everywhere! Face and body. I keep it with me to keep my hands soft during the day and my under my eyes moisturized. 
We love these mamas and truly believe and support the great work they are doing for other conscious mothers and mothers to be.  For more inspiration, nurturing and beautiful insights, you can find more of the incredible Amber over at The Mother Loving Future.  
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  • This woman is amazing. Also quite good looking!

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